Why I’m Running For School Board

Kyle & Conor

Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom.

George Washington Carver

I’ve been interested in running for school board for quite some time now (see About Me for more of my personal background). Most recently I resolved to stand-up and speak-out for my children following the lack of liberty endemic in the government’s response to Covid-19. Simply put, my children are the reason I’m seeking a seat on the school board. To that end, my focus is on:

  • Invigorating the school board to set policies for the school instead of allowing dictates from outside agencies/officials in the areas of:
    • Pandemic Response
    • Curriculum
  • Establishing voluntary classes for and seeking mentors for parents in our district. Parenting is tough. Many folks are able to draw-upon support from friends and family, but not everyone. Sometimes even if support is available, going to an outside source might be less stressful. The key point is to ensure that the right resources are provided. Establishing parental involvement and maintaining this as children grow-up creates a significant positive impact to educational results in future years.
  • Working with the other board members; administration; teachers; community members; and, most importantly, parents to restore Nettle Creek to “Exemplary” status. It’s recognized that the pandemic response did no favors to our kids; it is incumbent on our community to work together to do the best we can to help all of our children.
  • Engaging with our teachers and PTO to ensure that teachers and supporting staff have the resources they need to continue being the best at supporting the development of our children.
  • Taking a holistic view of our curriculum to see if there are any gaps that need to be filled to better prepare our children for success not just inside school, but outside as well. For example, there are currently no programs like Junior Achievement to help foster financial literacy and entrepreneurship. This would be investigated by a special committee of parents and community members (hopefully small business owners) to really pinpoint the skills our children need to succeed in the real world.